Dog the Bounty Hunter and Moon Angell quash engagement rumors

  • Dog the Bounty Hunter and Moon Angell quash engagement rumors

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Moon Angell quash engagement rumors

"She said to me, 'We are human, okay?' And probably the same thing I'd say to her: 'I know you're gonna have a boyfriend, I hope you have 10, but don't go fricking marry one, and say those words".

Solo outing: He celebrated his first birthday without wife Beth by his side on Sunday.

His long platinum dyed hair was loose and he wore sunglasses despite the cloudy skies.

The 66-year-old admits he knew that, then proceeded to talk about how they won't cross a line because of his promises to his late wife Beth Chapman, who died from cancer last June.

Cold: Chapman braved the wintry weather in a plaid shirt and black pants tucked into lace-up black boots.

But just last week, a clip from Dog's upcoming appearance on The Dr. Oz Show seemed to show Dog proposing marriage to Moon Angell, a longtime family friend.

Last week, a teaser clip for The Dr. Oz Show seemingly showed him popping the question to Angell, with sources telling TMZ that at the time of the taping, the proposal appeared to be honest.

Earlier in the episode, Chapman revealed that if he ever felt ready to move on, he had Beth's full blessing.

A shocked Angell whipped her head around, but viewers had to hold on until Monday's (Feb. 3) episode of Dr. Oz to see what happened.

'I think he's an wonderful human being, but I've known him before he was famous, ' she said of Chapman. "Moon Angell, will you marry me?" She promptly responded that she only loves him as a friend.

"Beth was my best friend". Duane is my best friend. "I said 'Moon, put some of your stuff in there'".

Duane Chapman calls assistant Moon Angell "my dearest friend".

"I can't marry you", Angell said.

Dog went on to explain that given their agreement before her death, he feels okay with eventually dating again - "Unless she haunts me", he joked.

However, sources close to the Bounty Hunter star insist he has no intention of replacing Beth while leaning on Angell for support. On Dr. Oz, Angell confirms that she did, but she did it because it's what Dog wanted.