Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 7 Spoiler

  • Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 7 Spoiler

Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 7 Spoiler

Season 12 has been throwing a new twist at viewers in nearly every episode so far and looks like the biggest one yet is to come.

Meanwhile, Ryan joins Gabriela in looking for her missing friend at a nearby hospital, which they find to be eerily empty with a room closed off with caution tape and a "Quarantine" sign.

Doctor Who continues on BBC One next Sunday at 7:10 PM, with Chris Chibnall along with new writer Charlene James (A Discovery of Witches) for the unusually title episode "Can You Hear Me?", Directed by Emma Sullivan.

Crossing the midway point of the season, Doctor Who is struggling to keep it's momentum, and originality. The story then moves to a police officer on a break named Jake and travel vloggers Gabriela and Jamila. How did Adam (Matthew McNulty) text Jake (Warren Brown)? Of course, it's not him. The show will go back to BBC One. It isn't, but someone has informed her that there was an emergency call-out that morning and it happened about a mile away from where they are now. But his search is interrupted by Yaz and Graham, who are investigating unusual energy patterns around a mysterious warehouse. Not to be swayed, the two of them enter the room to find Gabriela's friend on an operating table, the same odd shell also covering part of her face. Meanwhile, Yasmin, Graham, and Jake find the missing astronaut Adam. What is the Timeless Child? Eventually, the Doctor agrees but promises to come back for her friend in an hour.

But Peru is not the only place where the birds are acting strangely. She coolly admits it all, thanking the Doctor for doing all the hard work for her, before teleporting away just as a swarm of birds crash through the windows of the lab. Ryan examines the bird and sees that there's plastic on the inside, which leads the Doctor to figure out that the alien pathogen is attaching itself to plastic. This includes microplastics that humans take in from food and water. The Doctor notices that the dead bird is decomposing naturally and decides to use the bird's enzymes to try to cure Adam.

Of course they follow, and end up on what Yaz wrongly assumes is an alien planet, because anytime Yaz finds something out, its either something The Doctor already knows, or its just wrong. They then go to get Yasmin and Gabriela and find out that they're under the Indian Ocean. The new episode seems again interesting as well, like all the others. The Doctor says she'll help but Suki succumbs to Praxeus before she can do anything.

We'd imagine that at least some of this stuff could link up before the end of the season - and given how mysterious the show is being at the moment about "Praxeus", it's enough to make you think that there are some more questions floating around out there. Adam is saved by the antidote The Doctor made, so that is put into Suki's ship to disperse it across the world.

Doctor Who taps into its inner Hitchcock in a riff on The Birds with "Praxeus", which hinges, you guessed it, on swarms of attacking birds.