‘Clinton the Winner?’ Donald Trump Jr Mocks Delay of Iowa Caucus Results

  • ‘Clinton the Winner?’ Donald Trump Jr Mocks Delay of Iowa Caucus Results

‘Clinton the Winner?’ Donald Trump Jr Mocks Delay of Iowa Caucus Results

The Iowa Democratic Party said Monday night that results were indefinitely delayed due to "quality checks" and "inconsistencies" in some reporting, an embarrassing complication that added a new layer of doubt in the process that has come under increasing criticism.

And the final weeks of the campaign were complicated by President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, which sidelined several candidates and left Iowa eerily quiet at a pivotal moment.

Biden's supporters have said they believe he does not have to win either of the first two states to have a path to the nomination, because he is in a strong position in the next two states to vote- Nevada on February 22 and SC on February 29 - as well as in numerous Southern states that vote, along with California, on March 3.

However, there was no indication the delay in the Democratic results was caused by anything other than human or technical error. Defeat in Iowa, particularly a heavy one, usually spells the end of a campaign before other states even hold their primaries. "Then you hear reports something did happen to the app. I would say right now we don't see any malicious cyber activity going on, no one hacked into it, so this is more of a stress or a load issue, as well as a reporting issue in Iowa", DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf told Fox News. According to exit polls, he won 72% of undeclared voters who participated in the Democratic primary last time around. The high-water mark for the contest was the 2008 Iowa Democratic caucuses, when almost 240,000 participated and Barack Obama defeated Hillary Clinton and Martin O'Malley. But instead of clear optimism, a growing cloud of uncertainty and intraparty resentment hung over the election as the prospect of an unclear result raised fears of a long and divisive primary fight in the months ahead. In addition, the party found inconsistencies in the reporting of three sets of results which were the outgrowth of a process to streamline the process after criticisms of the process in 2016. "The underlying data and paper trail is sound and will simply take time to further report the results". Without knowing who won the first contest of the 2020 race, many candidates departed Iowa and traveled to New Hampshire, where the state's primary will be held next week.

Precinct chairs had issues downloading and/or logging into app, which is used to send results to the Iowa Democratic Party, Bloomberg reported Monday.

The local party chairman Troy Price later said: "We are validating every piece of data we have against our paper trail".

Rejoice traders. The Iowa caucus debacle likely means risk on for stocks, especially as fears over the coronavirus subside a touch. "Our party and our country deserve better".

That could potentially make the New Hampshire electorate more moderate than the primarily liberal group of voters who show up at Iowa's caucuses. Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted Monday evening, adding a emoji with furrowed brows.

The key date for the diary is March 3, or "Super Tuesday".