Trick Daddy Arrested for DUI and Cocaine Possession

  • Trick Daddy Arrested for DUI and Cocaine Possession

Trick Daddy Arrested for DUI and Cocaine Possession

Apparently, the answer is "yes".

According to the police report, a Miami-Dade officer responded to a report of a driver hitting signs and running red lights in a dark colored Range Rover in the area of Southwest 128th Avenue and 42nd Street in Miami around 3:20 a.m.

According to police reports obtained by TMZ, the rapper, 45, was found asleep behind the wheel of a auto, and when cops asked him what was going on he replied with slurred speech that he had just dropped someone off after leaving a nightclub.

The report goes on to state, according to the Herald, that when the officer approached the driver's side of the SUV, the driver appeared to be asleep, and after waking up, he admitted to having about five drinks at a club hours earlier. How plastered is the person who thought it was a good idea to have a drunk Trick Daddy be their Uber? The cops said his eyes were bloodshot and that his speech was slurred so they conducted a field sobriety test on him. He failed and refused to a breathalyzer test.

Just as damning, when cops conducted a search of his belongings, they reportedly found a rolled-up dollar bill that allegedly contained cocaine residue.

The internet mercilessly mocked Trick Daddy's hair, while many blamed the rapper's barber.

Daddy's combined bond for the cocaine and DUI charges was set at $6,000. The internet did not hold back whatsoever and clowned the rapper's hairline.

Trick Daddy, born Maurice Samuel Young in Liberty City, is well-known for his music, but he recently took his talents from the studio to the kitchen, opening Sunday's Eatery in Miami Gardens in September 2019. Young was charged with possession of cocaine, possession of a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon, and driving with a suspended license.