Nintendo's Theme Park Trailer Is A Trip

  • Nintendo's Theme Park Trailer Is A Trip

Nintendo's Theme Park Trailer Is A Trip

To celebrate the announcement, Nintendo has revealed a musical collaboration between Galantis and Charli XCX, with an all new song called "We Are Born To Play", plus a surreal music video.

Though Super Nintendo World will debut at Universal Studios Japan - ideally in time to draw in some visitors from the Summer Olympics in Tokyo this year - it's meant to also be a part of the park's global presence. Instead there's a dance sequence and some dreamy segments showing how players go from hanging out at home with their Switch to enjoying an in-real-life experience. Also, much like the Disney theme parks that Super Nintendo World will be competing with, guests will use "Power Up Bands" (think Magic Bands, if you're familiar with Disney nomenclature) to create new, interactive, and life-sized, experiences all around the park.

"We have great confidence in the quality of the new area", Universal Studios Japan chief executive J. L. Bonnier said. While I doubt the finished product will look exactly like the video when it opens in Japan this summer, it's safe to say there'll be a lot of Marios - at least until the Donkey-Kong themed area opens in 2021 to balance out the ratio.

Update: On Twitter Bloomberg reporter Kurumi Mori has posted more images and information from a briefing event.

Following the Japan opening, Super Nintendo World is scheduled to come to Universal's Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore parks, although a timeline for openings outside of Japan hasn't been announced.