'Falcon & the Winter Soldier' Puerto Rico Shoot Cancelled

  • 'Falcon & the Winter Soldier' Puerto Rico Shoot Cancelled

'Falcon & the Winter Soldier' Puerto Rico Shoot Cancelled

Originally, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's cast and crew were supposed to fly into Puerto Rico Tuesday to begin setting up and filming for two weeks, but now reports have confirmed the natural disaster changed all plans.

The series is said to consist of six episodes and is due to be released on Disney Plus in late 2020.

On January 7, Puerto Rico was rocked by a strong 6.4 magnitude quake, only to be revisited by another 5.9 magnitude temblor four days later.

Shooting for the series has been temporarily postponed after a series of major earthquakes struck Puerto Rico, where the show was set to begin filming this month, Variety reports. Plans have changed, and it's not clear whether production will continue in the Puerto Rico location going forward - most likely elsewhere.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was scheduled to begin filming in Puerto Rico this week. Let us know in the comments!

It's one of the many limited series projects now cooking at Disney Plus destined for their Marvel rubric of streaming content. Set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, the series is rumored to center on Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes as the former finds himself facing resistance from the United States government and its opposition to him taking on the Captain America mantle.

Both Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan will return as the lead characters and will be joined by Civil War characters including Agent 13 and Baron Zemo.