Women with transplanted uterus give birth to the 'miracle' baby

  • Women with transplanted uterus give birth to the 'miracle' baby

Women with transplanted uterus give birth to the 'miracle' baby

YEN.com.gh gathers that the disclosure was made on Thursday, January 7, by researchers at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia. She was told by her physician that she had the Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome- a condition that affects the reproductive system of women.

"Uterus transplantation is the only way to parenthood with which these women can carry their own pregnancies", she said.

The mother of the child who is from Pennsylvania is said to have been born with an underdeveloped uterus.

Jennifer Gobrecht and her husband, Drew Gobrecht, appeared today at a press conference in Philadelphia. She learned at the age of 17 that she could not bear a child. "We were friends first, and I'm always transparent with my friends, letting them know, 'Hey, I have this condition, it's something about me but it's not completely defining who I am, '" Jennifer said.

Wolliston, who said she never thought she would have two, added that she believes the boys were a gift, after recently learning that both of her grandmothers lost twin boys at birth. Hence she would not be able to carry her own child.

"That was a very hard thing to hear as a teenage girl who had dreams of being a loving mother", Gobrecht said. I dreamt of feeling my baby kicking inside me.

Gobrecht enrolled in Penn Medicine's UNTIL trial and received a uterus from a deceased donor, which enabled her to become pregnant through IVF. "The news shattered those dreams", she said.

A woman who gave birth to a boy she carried in a transplanted womb said today that the experimental procedure produced a "miracle". Most transplant programs accept only from living donors, according to Penn. Gobrecht and her husband had already gone through in vitro fertilization while exploring the possibility of using a gestational carrier so they had embryos available to transfer into her new uterus following the successful transplant.