YouTube Claims The Crypto-Ban Was an Error: Affected Videos Getting Restored

  • YouTube Claims The Crypto-Ban Was an Error: Affected Videos Getting Restored

YouTube Claims The Crypto-Ban Was an Error: Affected Videos Getting Restored

Along with Assisted Trim, YouTube Studio update also brings a new "Restrictions" sections in video feed to help creators see which of their videos have been affected by copyright claims.

The YouTube cryptocurrency purge has affected even high-profile users, and the first reports of content being removed for no clear reason made the rounds on December 25. It stated that YouTube has explained that the content was taken down by accident and has since been restored.

YouTube told Gizmodo that it has reinstated all crypto videos that were affected and has removed any penalty to their channels.

While several Crypto YouTubers were glad that their videos were back on the platform, a few others like Chris Dunn revealed that not all of his videos were restored.

The move appeared to target smaller channels and publishers that focused on bitcoin and cryptocurrency content.

Chris Dunn says YouTube has removed the strike on his channel. Regardless of whether a case is made in mistake - or if an organization is mishandling the framework - clients have nearly no response past removing the video segments being referred to.

"In protest of Google's new unexpected and unexplained censorship of crypto content I will be boycotting YouTube until further notice", said Greenspan. Not only are videos being taken down, but several crypto YouTubers are also reporting they are restricted from posting new videos.

She also confirmed that there are no links in her videos.

Another YouTube channel to be reportedly hit with a strike during this cryptocurrency purge is Crypto Beadle which has more than 89,000 subscribers.

But YouTube seems to have taken a step back in its rash decision as a spokesperson for the company said that what it all was is a mistake.

The Bitnada channel, for example, was one of those affected. CEO and founder Alex Saunders said over 100 videos were removed from the channel, many of which weren't even about crypto. However, dozens of his videos are still missing, as of press time.

"I'm guessing the YouTube crypto crackdown has to do with potential violations of Securities Act § 17 (b), the "anti-touting" provision, which requires promoters of securities to disclose any compensation they received for their promotion. People will create content and post them elsewhere". Asger Folmann, the host of YouTube channel Meta Quest, announced that he was "leaving crypto" weeks ago but said that he "woke up to an unwanted Christmas gift in the shape of a strike on YouTube". Investors should do their due diligence before making any high-risk investments in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency or digital assets.