Russian motorist converts his vehicle to look like a Tesla Cybertruck

  • Russian motorist converts his vehicle to look like a Tesla Cybertruck

Russian motorist converts his vehicle to look like a Tesla Cybertruck

Musk was recently seen driving the streets of LA in a prototype Tesla Cybertruck. In other words, Tesla will still modify some of its components and even its design. One might notice that the replica has taken careful consideration to reproduce the various sharp angles of the Cybertruck, something which at the center of its controversy since the real deal debuted last month and had been spotted on public roads. The company could integrate side mirror cameras (if there aren't any), smaller tires, headlight clusters, and windshield wipers. Photo: Getty Images/Frederic J.

A number of media outlets, including Forbes, recently pointed out that despite creating a massive worldwide buzz since it was showcased in November, the Tesla Cybertruck is nearly certainly going to be road blocked in European countries where the safety norms that a vehicle must meet are extremely stringent. Thanks to this structure, the vehicle, which runs quietly, is more admired by the fans than the Cybertruck. Stefan Tellar, an expert at SGS-TUV Saar GmbH of the Automobilwoche says Tesla would need to make big changes to its basic features before it would be considered to pass in European markets. In Europe, the car/ vehicle certification involves the usage of the marque, the government, and independent technical services too.

It all starts with the rigid metal sheet that Tesla uses on the hood of the Cybertruck, which would not pass European pedestrian protection and passive safety requirements. The bumper and bonnet must be able to absorb energy to protect the pedestrians.

Sean Mitchell and Sandy Munro also cover other things, such as the magic behind a $40,000 Cybertruck, how well the Cybertruck would do in a crash, and the new manufacturing approach.

Tesla's co-founder and CEO Elon Musk has not officially stated his plans of selling the Cybertruck in Europe but the vehicle has managed to find a massive following in the United States and even elsewhere.