THANOS Creator Responds to TRUMP Video

In the climax of "Avengers: Endgame", the chief villain, Thanos, utters the now-famous line "I am inevitable" before snapping his fingers in an attempt to destroy all life in the universe.

On Tuesday, not long after House Democrats introduced two articles of impeachment against Trump, his campaign tweeted a video showing Trump's face superimposed over Thanos. I am inevitable Trump/Thanos says.

"House Democrats can push their sham impeachment all they want", the tweet reads.

President Trump's re-election is.

The campaign said re-election is "inevitable" after House Democrats introduced articles of impeachment.


The video showed House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders disappearing into dust, similar to Thanos's victims.

It's not often that a presidential campaign gleefully will portray its candidate as a sadistic megalomaniac who wipes out 3.75 billion people, but that's exactly what the Trump War Room did today on social media with a doctored video that pinches its motif and message from the mythology of the wildly popular films.

Marvel Universe timeline discrepancies aside, the choice of this moment from the film was a odd one, as it's seconds before Thanos realizes he's about to be defeated.

Comic book writer and artist Jim Starlin, who created Thanos in 1973, told The Hollywood Reporter that the tweet irked him.

"How sick is that? Fortunately, all things, even national nightmares, eventually come to an end".

Trump has occasionally inserted himself into pop culture references to promote himself or his campaign.

In a post in January of this year he evoked themes from Game Of Thrones to suggest his wall along the southern border is coming soon.