BMW Axes Apple CarPlay Monthly ‘Subscription’ Fees for Some Vehicles

  • BMW Axes Apple CarPlay Monthly ‘Subscription’ Fees for Some Vehicles

BMW Axes Apple CarPlay Monthly ‘Subscription’ Fees for Some Vehicles

Contrary to the rest of the automotive industry, BMW made the interesting decision to charge $300 for Apple CarPlay on navigation-equipped models.

The German automaker is probably making a smart move here, since the annual $80 subscription (or $300 one-time upgrade) proved to be controversial and highly unpopular among BMW owners. Going forward, CarPlay will be available in vehicles with the new infotainment system.

UPDATE: has just confirmed that this will apply to BMW cars sold in Malaysia.

According to the British specialized AutoCar website, BMW has reversed its decision to charge for the use of CarPlay.

As for BMW drivers that are now paying for the CarPlay subscription, it isn't clear if they'll no longer be required to pay for the service, or if customers that have already paid for a long term CarPlay subscription will be reimbursed.

While Apple doesn't charge a fee for CarPlay, integrating the tech into infotainment systems does lead to additional costs for auto manufacturers. The automaker took longer than many of is rivals to support CarPlay.

"BMW still irks us with an $80 annual CarPlay user fee that begins a year after purchase", Editorial Director Martin Padgett wrote in his 2019 BMW X7 review.

We can stop our collective kvetching because BMW has joined most other automakers by offering Apple CarPlay as standard equipment, and it is now waiving the ludicrous subscription fee, BMW Blog first reported on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, users who have already paid for the annual subscription won't be getting a refund.

If your vehicle doesn't support the software, you'll need to pay the original $300 sum for lifetime CarPlay access.