Pompeo: Impeachment work should pause while Trump is overseas

  • Pompeo: Impeachment work should pause while Trump is overseas

Pompeo: Impeachment work should pause while Trump is overseas

Monday on "Fox & Friends", U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shared his reaction to the White House saying it would not participate in the House Judiciary Committee's impeachment hearing as President Donald Trump and the national security team travel to London for the annual North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit.

The White House will not take part in congressional hearings scheduled to begin this week that will consider passing impeachment articles against the national leader, US President Donald Trump's attorney said in a Sunday letter.

Mr Cipollone, who cited a "complete lack of due process and fundamental fairness afforded the president" in the impeachment process, added the White House would respond separately by a Friday deadline on whether Mr Trump would mount a defence in further impeachment proceedings. He is afforded every opportunity to participate in the process.

This time, witnesses will testify before the House Judiciary Committee. Back during Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference of the 2016 election, Trump originally said he would cooperate and answer Mueller's questions, but he then decided not to for fear of getting caught in a "perjury trap"-because I guess the idea of just not lying wasn't an option, then or now, apparently". Although it is not yet known who the witnesses will be, the hearing is expected to feature experts who will speak about the process of impeachment, rather than "fact witnesses" with knowledge of the Ukraine controversy.

"He's compared himself in the past to a special counsel", Collins said of Schiff.

"The Democrats are not doing anything that the Democrats did not do to Nixon or the Republicans didn't do the Bill Clinton".

What will happen on Wednesday? .

On Monday, Trump criticized the timing of the impeachment inquiry hearing, which will occur while he is out of the country at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in the United Kingdom.

President Trump remains under intense scrutiny at the end of 2019, as impeachment proceedings continue towards the beginning of impending U.S. elections.

The probe is looking into whether Mr Trump used the threat of withholding USA military aid to pressure Ukraine into investigating the Bidens. The president has denied any wrongdoing and has called the inquiry a "witch hunt".

But the impeachment inquiry has cast a shadow over Trump's already tumultuous presidency and sharpened a divide among Americans that is likely to intensify as election campaigning heats up in coming weeks. "My first and foremost witness is Adam Schiff".

House Republicans on Monday released a report ripping Democrats' impeachment proceedings, arguing that the evidence collected in the probe so far does not support the accusations leveled against President Trump or rise to the level of removal from office.

On Tuesday, the latest transcript of inquiry evidence was released, detailing testimony by senior budget official Mark Sandy.

What did Jerrold Nadler say?

Mr Cipollone said in his reply to the invitation: "Your letter provides little information about the upcoming hearing".

"I hope that he chooses to participate in the inquiry, directly or through counsel, as other presidents have done before him".

Reports had suggested witnesses were "apparently all academics" and the hearing would include "no fact witnesses", according to Mr Cipollone.

"We will also discuss whether your alleged actions warrant the House's exercising its authority to adopt articles of impeachment", he added.

The Republican-controlled Senate, where any impeachment trial would be held, is highly unlikely to vote to oust Trump.