Don't get cyber scammed on Cyber Monday!

  • Don't get cyber scammed on Cyber Monday!

Don't get cyber scammed on Cyber Monday!

For the first time, us holiday retail sales are expected to surpass $1 trillion for 2019, an increase of more than 3 percent from 2018.

A cybersecurity expert is warning consumers shopping online this Cyber Monday to be vigilant. This year, sales totals on Cyber Monday are expected to reach up to if not more than $10 billion. While online shoppers will undoubtedly head to the computer screens, phones, and tablets to browse online stores in order to capitalize on Cyber Monday discounts, scammers and online bad actors are laying in wait to capitalize on unsuspecting consumers.

If you google a specific item, make sure the website you go to has contact information for the company, a return policy listed, and a padlock icon to show the site is secure.

While sites like Amazon are cracking down on fakes, they're just moving to other websites to phish for personal information.

Many people will take advantage of Cyber Monday deals at work, but shopping online in in the workplace could be unsafe for the entire company. Secure web addresses begin with https:// and not just http://.

For online shopping, always use a credit card, instead of a prepaid debit card or wire transfer, because you can track questionable charges and dispute them later.

Take advantage of rewards and loyalty programs: Check your credit card rewards program for special point offers that could add up on Cyber Monday.

Experts say it's important to do your research before buying.

First protect your personal information online by updating security software on your computer and mobile device.