The Hero of Hyrule is Coming to Super Mario Maker 2

  • The Hero of Hyrule is Coming to Super Mario Maker 2

The Hero of Hyrule is Coming to Super Mario Maker 2

He comes with new moves with the ability to use his sword, shield, bombs, and arrows.

The new Master Sword will be available to use exclusively in the 8-bit Super Mario Bros. style.

You'll be able to download Super Mario Maker 2's second major update starting December 5th, 2019. Let's hope that Nintendo doesn't stop at just adding the Master Sword because gamers have been asking for a Zelda Maker for years.

Nintendo has debuted a video unveiling the updates for Super Mario Maker 2, with the most exciting addition being a Master Sword power-up that allows players to change from the iconic plumber into The Legend of Zelda hero Link! The new down-thrust move will defeat usually protected enemies like spike-covered Spinies that can easily kill Mario. The new update adds new enemies, like Spike and the long-awaited Pokey, new course blocks like Frozen Coins and P Blocks, a new curated time attack mode, and most importantly, an all-new powerup: the Master Sword. If used in the snow environment, Spike will toss snowballs instead! In this mode, you'll be able to compete with other players for the fastest completion time in a number of Nintendo-made courses. "Players can still run the course alongside Ninji Ghosts and collect stamps even after the event period has ended".

Far from it. In just a few days, the game is getting a substantial free new version 2.0 update.