Search resumes for missing pair near Alice Springs after woman found alive

  • Search resumes for missing pair near Alice Springs after woman found alive

Search resumes for missing pair near Alice Springs after woman found alive

A woman stuck in the central West Australia almost two weeks ago was saved and searches continued Monday for her two friends.

Tamra McBeath-Riley (left) has been found while friends Phu Tran and Claire Hockridge haven't been seen since November 19.

'They left it in the vehicle to say that they had been bogged, and what direction they were going to be going in and to get help, ' Supt Vicary said.

Ms McBeath-Riley found water about 1.5km north of the vehicle.

However, NT Police said they were still searching for Claire Hockridge and Phu Tran, who were travelling with Ms McBeath-Riley. As their circumstances grew more dire and the auto wouldn't budge, they moved toward a nearby watering hole with McBeath-Riley's dog, Raya.

"We've got a crew on standby in Stuarts Well today to assist with the search efforts and all of us are fingers crossed they will find these two people as well", he said.

Ms McBeath-Riley chose to stay there with her Staffordshire terrier, for fear the dog would not survive a longer trek.

She added: "We found a cow waterhole, but it is what it is and you do what you got to do, we had to drink from that to survive".

"During the day it's just really hot so we dug ourselves under the vehicle during the day into the sand". "At night [we] could sleep in the vehicle". They boiled water from a nearby cattle watering hole they'd found, using a shirt as a sieve, and finally ran through all of the rations they had: biscuits, beef noodles, and some cans of iced vodka. But when their truck became bogged down in a riverbed, they suddenly found themselves in a battle for survival, stranded in a remote landscape with little food and water.

52-year-old Tamra McBeath-Riley is being treated for dehydration and exposure in hospital after she was discovered late on Sunday.

A creek near Alice Springs in Northern Territory. They eventually spotted Ms McBeath-Riley about 1.5km away from the vehicle after a local person reported seeing tyre tracks.

"Significantly, she seems to have stayed where the water is and has been drinking, and that's probably what pushed her to continue", Vicary told Australian Broadcasting Corp.

"It's the not checking in, not necessarily with myself and sister but with the extended family and friends in Alice", she said.

She said she had assumed her companions had already been found and that "to find out that's not the case is worrying".

"Because of the terrain that they have gone missing in, and because we don't have a particularly focused area, we are still doing the helicopters", she told ABC.

"It's quite a diverse terrain".