Kate Middleton has 'heart-warming' moments in the Christmas TV special

  • Kate Middleton has 'heart-warming' moments in the Christmas TV special

Kate Middleton has 'heart-warming' moments in the Christmas TV special

Set to premiere on BBC One on December 16, Mary Berry will be joined by the Duke and Duchess to go on a number of royal visits to.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are excited for the holidays, and they are preparing something special for everyone. The one-off episode, which will air on BBC One in December, will wrap up with the trio hosting a party for the staff and volunteers of all the charities.

They helped bake treats for these people, using recipes thought up by Berry herself.

Cameras additionally adopted William and Mary on a secret engagement to homeless charity The Passage final month, and on a secret go to by Kate and the TV star to The Brink in Liverpool - the UK's first dry bar - days later.

"Growing up, both of my parents were hugely charitable", he says.

"My father created the Prince's Trust". He's invested in so many different organisations.

"My mother has done her work with homelessness and as you said AIDs and other charities and I think I've grown up in a household which has been very much a case of 'well, we're very lucky - you must give back".

Furthermore, you know, my grandma turning out to be Queen at an extremely youthful age, in the days when it was a keeps an eye on world, it was exceptionally hard for her to have any kind of effect. And she's done it.

In her own one of a kind, particular way, and you know, my grandma and my granddad together are the embodiment of open help.

"And personally I get a lot from helping people".

I find that you hear and you comprehend and you adapt a great deal more by giving a touch of your time, a touch of your day, to simply be near.

The Duke of Cambridge and Mary Berry listening to a group conversation at The Passage, London.

His reward will present a fine addition to the Queen, who has seen controversies swirling round Prince Andrew and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex create her most hard 12 months because the so-called "annus horribilis" of 1992.

Each year, workers and volunteers of organizations and charities that help the needy during Christmas do not get to prepare a huge festive meal with their loved ones.