Facebook's Irish users to trial data transfer service

  • Facebook's Irish users to trial data transfer service

Facebook's Irish users to trial data transfer service

In 2018, tech giants joined forces to launch a new initiative called the Data Transfer Project.

The tool is now being rolled out in Ireland, but will be made available worldwide in early 2020, the company said today in a blog post.

The Data Transfer Project is open standard for arranging data in a common format so users could easily move their information from one platform to another.

Facebook says it wants to build practical solutions to data portability that people can trust and use effectively.

Facebook has allowed members to download their data since 2010.

Facebook said it plans "to expand this [exporting feature] to other services in the near future".

All data transfers will be encrypted and users will be asked for a password before the transfer is initiated, the company said in a blog post.

You can find the new tool under Facebook settings within Your Facebook Information.

Facebook users in Ireland will be the first in the world to trial a new service that will enable them to transfer their data from the social network to another online platform.

"For example, a company using the Data Transfer Project framework can send an existing data type to a new service by simply creating a new Data Transfer Project importer for that data type", said Software developer William Morland.

The wider Data Transfer Project consists of three main parts - a set of shared data to represent each content type, a system to handle authentication and a task manager to ensure everything is put together properly.

"That's why we're developing new products that take into account the feedback we've received and will help drive data portability policies forward by giving people and experts a tool to assess".