Apple Pay Express Transit now works in London

And now, Apple has formally announced that Express Transit mode is live across all Transport for London services, including the tube, buses, trains, and trams. Available on Apple's premium iPhone XR or later, the facility enables user's to keep travelling up to five hours after the red Power Reserve icon appears.⁠.

Already available on some transport systems in USA cities like New York, Portland and in Japan and China, the move will make it much easier to use your Apple watch or iPhone to pay for your journey.

Until now, those using Apple Pay needed to use Face ID or Touch ID as authentication before tapping the reader to make journeys.

"It is a step change in the way we think about how to charge people, the notion of having to understand what ticket you need, do I need an Oyster Card", explained Mike Tuckett, head of transformation delivery for TfL.

The Express Transit feature will work on iPhone SE, 6S and later models as well as the Apple Watch.

He praised the move but said Apple faced a challenge in educating commuters on how to set up the service.

A few seconds of nervous face/finger authorisation is no longer required to enter the city's transport system, as the Express Transit option allows for cards in the Apple Pay wallet to be accessed by authorised parties without this additional layer of security. Express Transit mode is also supported in Portland, Beijing, Shanghai, and parts of Japan.