Inner Mongolia confirms new pneumonic plague case

  • Inner Mongolia confirms new pneumonic plague case

Inner Mongolia confirms new pneumonic plague case

Information on the situation will be made public promptly in accordance with the law, and public health information dissemination will be conducted to ensure people's health, said the commission. After being misdiagnosed at the Inner Mongolia hospital, the couple were diagnosed with pneumonic plague and treated at a specialist hospital in the Chinese capital.

His current condition has been assessed as stable.

Since the diagnoses, Inner Mongolia has stepped up efforts to warn residents about plague, educating the public about how it is contracted, its symptoms, its treatment and the measures authorities have taken to prevent its spread. The patient had visited a region where plague foci were identified.

The city is over 500 km away from Xilingol League in the region, where the other three pneumonic plague cases were previously found.

Four people who had close contact with the patient have been isolated for medical observation as required.

No new plague cases have been reported in the country so far, said the commission.

Ulanqab officials didn't disclose the specifics of how the latest patient caught the plague, but said the patient had been "active" in a plague-affected location prior to falling ill.

Staff members from a local disease control center wear 2-layer prevention clothes and 36-layer masks before entering plague surveillance lab at Serxu County on August 28, 2019 in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province of China. Prohibiting poaching animals from a tainted source, eating or ingesting animals or animal products from a source associated with the plague is also vital.

After the plague cases, the authorities in Inner Mongolia have carried out rodent extermination and health education.