British PM Boris Johnson's Conservatives have highest support since 2017, polls show

  • British PM Boris Johnson's Conservatives have highest support since 2017, polls show

British PM Boris Johnson's Conservatives have highest support since 2017, polls show

He had already said they would not contest the 317 seats which the Conservatives had won in the 2017 election, so it was expected that there would be around 300 candidates running for Mr Farage's party.

He stated that when that failed, folks working "deep inside Quantity 10" had tried to bypass him, going on to senior Brexit Social gathering figures and suggesting eight of them might be made friends if they may persuade him to withdraw extra of his candidates.

Ann Widdecombe, for example, was offered some sort of negotiating position with the Tory Party, from Number 10, someone from Number 10 called Ann.

"I can't imagine for a second that this is true", he said of Widdecombe's accusation.

Asked if it is the official Brexit Party position that remaining in the European Union is better than the Prime Minister's deal, he said: "That may or may not be our position".

Mike Greene is standing for the party in the Cambridgeshire constituency, which Labour held narrowly at a by-election in June.

Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib said discussions about jobs for top party figures had been "going on without a shadow of a doubt", despite strong denials from the Conservative Party.

'There have been no job offers, we have done no deals with anybody'. "The law is that if somebody corruptly induces or procures another person to withdraw from being a candidate at an election, that is both a crime and a corrupt practice at an election, which can lead an election to be set aside", Lord Falconer said.

In his letter, senior peer Lord Falconer wrote: 'I want to increase with you as a matter of urgency plenty of current stories during which senior figures within the Brexit Social gathering have alleged that a few of their candidates had been approached by the Conservative Social gathering in an effort to steer them to withdraw their candidacies from the upcoming Common Election'.

"There are a number of people who went to the Brexit Party, who had been up until very, very recently Conservatives", he said.

"I am offering a pact with the people: if you vote Conservative you can be 100% sure a majority Conservative government will unblock Parliament and get Brexit done".

He added: "I see the Withdrawal Agreement as much worse than Remain, frankly". Nigel Farage has asked for one for months.

Labour's support was at 33%. We can't allow the Tories to run the country a minute longer.

Ian Lavery said claims the Conservatives offered Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage and his colleagues seats in the House of Lords in return for standing aside in the General Election are an "absolute outrage".

And the Liberal Democrat president Sal Brinton has written to Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly calling on him to launch an immediate independent internal enquiry into "what dialogue, if any, Conservative Party officials have had with Brexit Party candidates and officials".