Monday night black cat still on the loose at MetLife Stadium

  • Monday night black cat still on the loose at MetLife Stadium

Monday night black cat still on the loose at MetLife Stadium

The black cat that ran across the field at MetLife Stadium during Monday's Cowboys-Giants game stole the show (and our hearts) before quickly disappearing, and it brings us no pleasure to report that the beloved creature has still yet to be found - though not due to a lack of effort. It has been the house stadium of both National Football League teams because 2010.

Since the cat's appearance, there have been various mocumentaries created in its honor, including a hilarious episode of "A Football Life".

MetLife shared an update on social media, so those concerned about the black cat can ease their worries.

MetLife Stadium officials said Thursday the search for the fleet feline that briefly delayed the nationally televised game between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys on Monday night has been unsuccessful.

"Tuesday morning, we set multiple humane traps throughout the stadium and searched long and hard for the #BlackCat to no avail".

PuppykittyNYCity said in a statement Thursday that if the cat is caught, it will be assessed for a home or relocation.

"Even even though we want to relocate him, we even now help TNR (entice, neuter, launch) packages", the nonprofit, volunteer-run rescue corporation mentioned in its release.

During the game's second quarter, the cat wandered onto the field before sprinting through the Giants' end zone. Staff at MetLife Stadium and some New Jersey condition troopers herded the feline towards the stop zone absent from the gamers.

But the cat didn't leave right away.

With MetLife Stadium serving as the scene for seven more National Football League games this season, an encore appearance is far from out of the question.

The stadium disputed a New York Post report report quoting stadium employee who said he is nicknamed the "Cat Man", and who said he takes care of seven or eight colonies of more than 300 feral cats living in the complex.

"From time to time, we have seen cats on the complex and the Meadowlands Racetrack (located in the Sports Complex) has a TNR program in place and now feeds approximately 30 band cats", the stadium said. However, they did acknowledge that 30 barn cats occasional make their way over to MetLife from the Meadowlands Racetrack next door.