Here's how YouTube is changing for these users

  • Here's how YouTube is changing for these users

Here's how YouTube is changing for these users

YouTube has redesigned its homepage.

Another little feature is an "Add to Queue" option that will enable users to select a handful of videos to watch next without interrupting the video they are now watching.

YouTube's redesign gives more emphasis to creators with more visibility for videos.

The design overhaul is mostly focussed on desktop and tablet versions of YouTube.

The revamped homepage affords greater importance to video thumbnails, which are now larger and can also show longer titles as a result.

Elsewhere, YouTube is adding the ability to queue up videos on desktop so you can line up the next videos you want to view without interrupting what you're now watching. An obvious effect of the increased thumbnail size is, of course, going to be a reduction in the density of videos you can see at a given time, so you might need to scroll a bit more than before. However, the redesign will help in improving the legibility. YouTube says that it has removed some content shelves as part of cleaner design, but you will still find rows of videos for breaking news, music mixes, etc.

The Add to Queue feature lets you add multiple videos to your watch list from the homepage without extra navigation.

. This can be done whilst watching a video. However, videos in your queue won't be automatically saved after you have closed your browser so if you want to save it you have to save it manually in your "Watch Later" playlist like you used to do previously. Beyond that, YouTube is also bringing its "Don't recommend channel" option to videos on desktop, mirroring the feature that has been available on the mobile platform for a while. Google has also added yet another new feature that lets you choose your topic of interest. As you can see the features are created to give more power to the users.

My opinion on it is YouTube spends a lot of time fixing things that aren't problems, and then having to deal with those things becoming problems.