Ashley Graham Reveals Her Baby's Gender -- Watch the Sweet Moment!

  • Ashley Graham Reveals Her Baby's Gender -- Watch the Sweet Moment!

Ashley Graham Reveals Her Baby's Gender -- Watch the Sweet Moment!

We finally know it!

Ashley Graham said that she is expecting a baby boy.

The 32-year-old supermodel revealed her baby on the way's sex for the first time during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Thursday.

"Graham announced her unborn baby's sex during a lightning round of questions with DeGeneres. I'm having a boy!" she shared.

Graham goes on to discuss her fast approaching due date and reveals that we can expect him to arrive in "January sometime". Ellen, whose birthday is January 26, was, of course, excited about the possibility of sharing a birthday with Ashley's son.

In a new interview with YouTuber Lilly Singh, Graham, who's anticipating her initially baby, explained when the couple does their meditations and prayers together, it feels far more "powerful". But he is spending it doing something a little surprising. "I've form of valid been working out in between every thing", Ashley shared. "So, that's what you did instead of taking a nap?" Once Ashley answered yes, the talk show host said sarcastically: "That's a great idea, "while the duo and the audience of Ellen's studio burst out laughing. You workout?" Ellen requested with some shock". Ellen and Ashley even savor relatively a shut bond. Ashley has been the host of Ellen's digital series Heroic, where the model and body activist encourages each day folk to search out their inner fearlessness and self belief. "A boy!" Ashley shouted. "I'm gonna be a mommy to a boy!" The fans of the stunning diva were delighted to hear the news of Ashley Graham's first pregnancy.

"Today, we are experience so blessed, grateful and energized to celebrate with our Developing Family members!", she wrote in the caption of the put up. Fans are so excited for Ashley and Justin and we cannot wait to earn a search for of their little guy when he's born!