Russian Doping To Loom Large At WADA Summit

  • Russian Doping To Loom Large At WADA Summit

Russian Doping To Loom Large At WADA Summit

"If someone were to ask me or someone else in the DOSB, do you have 100 per cent confidence in Wada, I do not believe that there would be many who would give an unqualified yes", Hormann told dpa ahead of a Wada conference in Katowice from Tuesday (Nov 5).

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) president Craig Reedie told the PA news agency on Monday that his organisation would "look at" whether there was any evidence which would prompt an investigation into the athletes Salazar worked with with the Nike Oregon Project. He claimed that brands should contribute as part of their corporate responsibility.

"I am not the Christopher Columbus of anti-doping policy".

He said the level of cheating was "unprecedented", leaving WADA under mounting pressure to work for all clean athletes as the Russian anti-doping agency (RUSADA) was declared non-compliant.

RUSADA's suspension was lifted in September 2018 amid strong criticism as WADA gradually got access to key Russian athletes' data from the Russian lab.

"We are waiting for support from the president because you have seen during this conference how the Polish president supports his anti-doping movement, and his sports movement", Ganus said.

The president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, pledged $10 million to fight doping in sports, saying half of the money will go toward storing samples from pre-Olympic testing for 10 years while the rest will fund investigations and research.

Bach was also keen to underline progress made since the last Wada World Conference (in Johannesburg in 2013).

In 2016, the WADA Independent Commission chaired by Canadian sports law professor Richard McLaren delivered a report, which stated in particular that Russian Federation allegedly employed a state-sponsored doping system.

"We have also increased our financial support to Wada". In today's world, where perception is unfortunately so often becoming reality, it is more important than ever to avoid even the perception of a conflict of interest. "Together with the governments, we have approved a 47-per-cent cumulative budget increase from about $30 million in 2017 to about $44 million in 2022".

"Six years ago, I announced a 10-million-dollar commitment by the International Olympic Committee for the better protection of the clean athletes".