Pence adviser testifying in impeachment inquiry POLITICO

  • Pence adviser testifying in impeachment inquiry POLITICO

Pence adviser testifying in impeachment inquiry POLITICO

A House intelligence committee official said the panel has no interest in engaging in a drawn-out court fight over a subpoena for Bolton and will simply add the White House's instructions against testifying as evidence of the president's obstruction of Congress.

Kent, along with William Taylor - the top US diplomat in Ukraine - will testify publicly on November 13.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff announced Wednesday that three State Department witnesses will appear in two hearings next Wednesday and Friday: top Ukraine diplomat William Taylor, career department official George Kent and Marie Yovanovitch, the former USA ambassador to Ukraine. In three new pages of sworn testimony Tuesday, Sondland confirmed that he told an aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that congressionally approved military aid would be depend on the Ukrainian government's public announcement that it would probe the gas company that former Vice President Joe Biden's son sat on the board of as well as the origins of the Russian Federation probe. Marie Yovanovitch, who was abruptly pulled from her post as United States ambassador to Ukraine in May, will testify on Nov 15.

Yovanovitch herself told investigators she was ousted because Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and others wanted her out of the way as they conducted Ukraine policy outside traditional diplomatic channels. Perry did not show up for his Wednesday interview and Mulvaney was not expected to appear for his scheduled deposition on Friday.

Bolton could be a star witness for the Democrat-led House inquiry, and his testimony would go against strong opposition from the White House.

Members of the committees conducting the inquiry have said they want to see if Bolton will corroborate previous witnesses's testimony that he was alarmed at Trump asking a foreign government to get involved in domestic politics.

"Those open hearings will be an opportunity for the American people to evaluate the witnesses for themselves, to make their own determinations about the credibility of the witnesses, but also to learn firsthand about the facts of the president's misconduct", he told reporters during a break in closed-door testimony from David Hale, the State Department's third-highest official.

US President Donald Trump has denied a report he asked the justice department to clear him of wrongdoing over a phone call with Ukraine's president that is at the heart of an impeachment inquiry.

Conway went on to argue that because the whistleblower was not on the call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and "saw the transcript apparently when the rest of the world saw the transcript", the media is "trying to knit together very specious and very sparse claims from individuals".

Next week's marquee appearance may well be by Taylor, whose full testimony transcript was made public Wednesday by Schiff.

It painted a damning picture of Trump offering a quid pro quo. According to the testimony, his administration conditioned both military aid and a sought-after Ukraine meeting with Trump on Kiev's willingness to launch an investigation of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy firm connected to Biden's son.

"Are you aware that quid pro quo literally means this for that?" an investigator asked, according to the transcript.

"Bill Barr did not decline my request to talk about Ukraine", the president tweeted at 7:28 a.m. ET.

Mulvaney publicly stated last month that the decision to freeze aid was tied to the demand for investigations of Democrats.