Illegal Loggers Shoot Amazon Forest Defender Dead; Wound Another

  • Illegal Loggers Shoot Amazon Forest Defender Dead; Wound Another

Illegal Loggers Shoot Amazon Forest Defender Dead; Wound Another

The Guardians of the Forest group, of which Guajajara was a member, regularly patrols indigenous territories and reports illegal invasions of land barons and loggers. Paulo Paulino Guajajara's tribe said he was ambushed by illegal loggers while out hunting. Unlawful loggers reportedly shotted him, whereas he was on a hunt in Maranhao, a state in northern Brazil that spans a part of the Amazon rainforest.

Another member of the tribe named Laercio was wounded but escaped.

The clash comes amid an increase in invasions of reservations by illegal loggers and miners since right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro took office this year and vowed to open up protected indigenous lands to economic development. The suitable-wing chief has repeatedly referred to as for the event of the Amazon area since taking the workplace.

The Brazilian bishops' Indigenous Missionary Council is holding the Brazilian government responsible for the assassination of indigenous leader Paulo Paulino Guajajara, one of the Guardians of the Forest in the Amazon.

Guajajara, 26, was killed inside the Arariboia Indigenous Territory, where he lived with his wife and son November 1 after he was ambushed by five armed loggers who were invading the indigenous land.

Paulo Paulino Guajajara was shot and killed inside the Araribóia Indigenous territory in Maranhão state.

"Maranhao state understood how the urgency of the situation in view of the federal government's failure to act, nearly in connivance with the attackers by encouraging the invasion of reservations", said national indigenous leader Sonia Guajajara.

"The Bolsonaro government has indigenous blood on its hands", Brazil's pan-indigenous organization APIB said in a Saturday statement.

Maranhao Governor Flavio Dino decreed the creation of task force of policemen to protect the Guajajaras and train them in security practices to defend and patrol their reservation, though not firearm instruction.

In September, Human Rights Watch said the violence directed towards the forest activists is "only getting worse under President Bolsonaro" and called for funding to be restored to environmental law agencies.

The Guajajara tribe is one of the largest in Brazil, with more than 20,000 members spread across over 10 territories, all in the northeastern state of Maranhao.

"I'm scared at times, but we have to lift up our heads and act".

'We can create the entirety to bring those to blame for this crucial crime sooner than the courts, ' said Moro, a frail federal judge.

"We are protecting our land and the life on it, the animals, the birds, even the Awa who are here too", added Paulino Guajajara.