Elon Musk raises eyebrows after million dollar donation

  • Elon Musk raises eyebrows after million dollar donation

Elon Musk raises eyebrows after million dollar donation

The campaign began with the #TeamTrees and came as a challenge to Jimmy Donaldson, 21, who is known on YouTube with the name "MrBeast".

Elon Musk has pledged to donate $1 million to a global crowdfunding project that aims to plant millions of trees. This occurred in order to commemorate this achievement of 20 million subscribers.

Since then, the YouTuber has collaborated with other content creators and the Arbor Day Foundation to create the #TeamTrees campaign.

While MrBeast is aware that the project will not prevent climate change, he and his funding partner - Arbor Day Foundation - are committed to reaching their 20 million tree goal and with this sort of mainstream coverage, there's no doubt that they are moving in the right direction to achieve it.

The YouTuber has confirmed that all trees planted will be native to the areas in which they are placed, spanning over all continents except Antarctica.

As trees grow, they absorb and store Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and emit oxygen.

The money goes toward the Arbor Day Foundation's efforts to plant trees where they're needed most.

Over the past five days, the campaign has gained significant attention online.

Musk changed his Twitter name from "Elon Musk" to "Treelon" and switched his profile photo to an image of a forest.

Twitter chief Jack Dorsey has also reportedly pledged to plant 150,000 trees.

After Brownlee had replied with the details of the donation, Musk tweeted, "Ok, sounds legit, will donate 1M trees". YouTube has promised to match the next million dollars of donations. Music producer Alan Walker has also donated $100,000.

In a video announcing the launch of the project "Mr Beast" said: "I personally haven't always been the most environmentally friendly".

"This is your chance to make a difference. this is our chance to show the world we care".