Vancouver's Burrard Bridge climate protest ends with 10 arrests

  • Vancouver's Burrard Bridge climate protest ends with 10 arrests

Vancouver's Burrard Bridge climate protest ends with 10 arrests

Hundreds of climate protesters around the world were arrested Monday, kicking off Extinction Rebellion's "International Rebellion", two weeks of direct action and civil disobedience protests in 60 countries.

In Edmonton, XR protesters linked arms to block the Walterdale Bridge Monday morning to demand action on climate change.

What's next for the movement?

In Australia, climate activists demonstrating on behalf of Extinction Rebellion are pressing ahead with a week of protest stunts, with one man dangling from Brisbane's Story Bridge for the cause and several arrests reported in three cities.

By midday, the protest had swelled to 4,000 people, a policeman said, and a second main roundabout was also blocked by activists sitting in the middle of the road.

"I've spoken to my local MP, I've taken part in protests, I just feel I have not been listened to, "she said".

Protesters told police they were prepared to be arrested for failing to comply with orders to move to a single site at Trafalgar Square.

Demonstrators playing steel drums marched through central London as they kicked off two weeks of activities created to disrupt the city. Hundreds were pulled away from the scene and 30 of them were charged.

This week, Extinction Rebellion activists are once again blockading central London, and other cities around the world.

The demonstrators shut down the roads in the House of Parliament and Whitehall in London.

Roed said the protest on Monday remained peaceful and that there were no major incidents other than the overnight arrests. However, some of the NY demonstrators went the extra mile beyond holding up signs and chanting, and chose to play dead in pools of fake blood to represent people killed by climate-related disasters.

London police said some 135 climate activists had been arrested.

More than 100 protesters dressed as bees at Sydney's Hyde Park to highlight their claim that insects are under threat due to the impact of humans on the environment. One activist climbed on top of the lorry and set up a tent.

The Paris event brought the area around Chatelet to a standstill.

In Spain, a few dozen activists briefly chained themselves to each other and to an elevated road over a major artery in Madrid, snarling traffic during the morning rush hour.

About 200 were thought to have spent the night camping out nearby in tents, including at Westminster Abbey.

Extinction Rebellion wants governments to take immediate and drastic action to address climate change.