Porsche and Boeing are teaming up to create an electric 'flying car'

  • Porsche and Boeing are teaming up to create an electric 'flying car'

Porsche and Boeing are teaming up to create an electric 'flying car'

Alongside the flying auto concept, known as a fully electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, the two firms will create a team to explore urban air travel, including the market potential for premium vehicles and possible use cases.

Will we one day be able to buy flying Porsches? "Porsche and Boeing together bring precision engineering, style and innovation to accelerate urban air mobility worldwide". An global team will be created to research the market potential for such vehicles and possible uses of flying cars. It's a Porsche? That's what people could say in the future as the German automaker has signed a memorandum of understanding with Boeing.

"In the longer term, this could mean moving into the third dimension of travel". They're also developing an electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle which is being billed as a concept at this point.

A 2018 study by Porsche Consulting forecasts that the urban air mobility market will pick up speed after 2025.

They went on to suggest that these new air transport means of travel will be less expensive than current earthbound travel means, and that they'll be far more flexible than anything we've got today.

Over half a dozen companies big and small are working on flying vehicle prototypes, among them Airbus, Uber, AeroMobil, Zee.Aero, Terrafugia, EHang, Joby Aviation and Russia's Siberian Aeronautical Research Institute. An engineering team that also includes two of Porsche's subsidiaries, Porsche Engineering Services GmbH and Studio F.A. Porsche, will implement and test a prototype.

Could flying vehicles be zipping you around the city sooner than you think?

The German auto company said the airline manufacturer and its subsidiary Aurora Flight Sciences will develop a prototype flying for the vehicle.