JWoww Ends Things with Boyfriend After He Hits on Angelina in Vegas

  • JWoww Ends Things with Boyfriend After He Hits on Angelina in Vegas

JWoww Ends Things with Boyfriend After He Hits on Angelina in Vegas

According to TMZ, JWoww called it quits from Zack Clayton Carpinello after watching the latest episode of "Jersey Shore". I in actuality feel disrespected by somebody I known as a chum and by somebody who said they loved me.

JWoww, 33, shared an Instagram statement about how "hurt" she was by the episode and an Us Weekly insider says she has 'ended the relationship'.

The "Jersey Shore" episode shows Carpinello as he hugs Pivarnick and runs his hands along her waist and backside while the two got cozy in a Las Vegas club as Farley seemed to be passed out nearby. In the note, she said she had no idea about her boyfriend's behavior: "For 5 months I was kept in the dark about this". For 5 months I was naïve, probably laughed at and made into a story line that will forever haunt me'. Many viewers have been confused about why Jenni was focusing all of her vitality on Angelina when it was actually Zack who was the difficulty on final night time's episode. "But just remember... i see these too and know exactly what happened without the editing... so I'll handle this another day... enjoy tweeting", Jennie wrote in one other tweet to Angelina. Angelina even picks up and smashes a wine bottle after JWoww puts a hand on her! As the show aired, Farley sparred with Pivarnick over it on Twitter, calling her "pathetic". "Don't ever decrease your standards", be taught a textual notify post she set aside aside up on the social media platform marvelous minutes after the episode ended.

A teaser for the two episodes shows more of the drama playing out. The women also get physical while fighting about it at a dinner table. They've been on red carpets together, and Farley was seemingly head-over-heels.

When asked the name of her new man, Jenni responded, "24", explaining, "We're filming Jersey Shore right now and we nicknamed him '24.'" Nicole added that Jenni had "been going through some sh-t, but I've never seen this girl more happier and more herself than this moment right now".

"I love the kids", Carpinello, 24, said.

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