Extinction Rebellion protests 'stretch' Met Police

  • Extinction Rebellion protests 'stretch' Met Police

Extinction Rebellion protests 'stretch' Met Police

"We, the people, have made a decision to do your job and Tell the Truth from the BBC Broadcasting House about where we're headed if we don't change course", Extinction Rebellion said in a statement on its Facebook page about the latest stunt.

They have brought cities to a standstill over fears that climate change will result in the deaths of billions of people within decades.

More than 10 members of the group took to the high street to share their knowledge on climate change, wave the XR flag and explain the reasons why the environmental group are still protesting.

Police have asked activists who have been demonstrating close to the Houses of Parliament in Westminster to move their protests in Trafalgar Square or risk arrest.

They served a Section 14 notice - created to prevent "serious disruption" to communities - before removing those who had camped out in Westminster.

She said: 'If they do that then of course I can deploy many of my officers back to the streets, back to the neighbourhoods, back to the schools, back to the wards of the people of London.

It also said that police may need to speak to her again, she remains under investigation and she may be arrested again.

As part of their protests on Friday, activists gathered outside tents at Trafalgar Square and blocked the entrance to the BBC's central London headquarters.

Around 50 people had been arrested at London airport on Thursday, after partially-sighted former Paralympic cyclist, James Brown, got on top of a British Airways plane to stand up "for everybody's kids".

Another man refused to sit in his seat, delaying a flight by almost two hours.

Police have finally managed to clear roads around Trafalgar Square and allow traffic back in for the first time since the Extinction Rebellion demonstrations began.