Dark Mode for Gmail is Here!

  • Dark Mode for Gmail is Here!

Dark Mode for Gmail is Here!

As of now, there is no way to toggle between dark and regular mode inside the Instagram app. Now the latest app to officially push all that white space away is one that is constantly used: Gmail. According to the company, the dark mode of Instagram works on iOS 13 and Android 10 after enabling the dark mode on the phone.

If you have been reading tech news for a while, then you might know that Google rolled out the Android 10 operating system to all Pixel and Essential smartphone previous month. The video shows Google Maps switching between light mode and dark mode.

Unfortunately, it looks like only those devices that already have Android 10 will be able to enjoy the Gmail dark mode. So, let's check out how to enable dark mode on Instagram 2019.

Gmail is just the latest product to get a dark mode option. This is how you can enable dark mode on Android 10.

Google is slowly working its way through its family of apps so even if your favourites are yet to be improved with the addition of a dark mode option, it shouldn't be too long before they are.

The Dark mode feature, in recent times, has become widely accepted with the likes of Twitter making it popular and other applications like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Android all following suit.

For now, if you're not yet on Android 10, you'll have to make do with the blinding white of the Gmail app.

You can opt for either a Light or Dark theme, or select the System Default option so it matches the system-wide colour scheme you've selected for your handset.