$3000 'Jesus' Nike Sneakers With Holy Water Sell Out in Days

  • $3000 'Jesus' Nike Sneakers With Holy Water Sell Out in Days

$3000 'Jesus' Nike Sneakers With Holy Water Sell Out in Days

As well as the holy water in the soles, the shoes are scented with frankincense and feature a crucifix in the laces, as well as a spot of red on the tongue to represent the blood of Christ.

A few pairs of extremely customised Nike trainers have sold for a comically extreme price to the world's shoe collectors, with the MSCHF-modified Nike Air Max 97 trainers selling out instantly for a staggering initial price of $1,425 (£1,120) - a value that's doubled already on the resale market. A one of its kind limited-edition holy water-filled sneakers went out of stock within a few minutes and that too at a colossal price of United States dollars 3,000.

The shoebox even displays an angel and a marking that closely resembles the official papal seal. The brand asked itself, "What would a collab with Jesus Christ look like?" and came up with this white-and-sky-blue pair. "'Well, how can we do that?' You pump holy water into the pocket of a pair of Air Max 97's and with that, you get Jesus Shoes - the holiest collab ever".

A LIMITED-EDITION trainer filled with holy water in the soles and blessed by priest has sold out within minutes of hitting the shelves.

Similar collaborations with popular brand Kith have also produced the same astonishing levels of interest.

They started with one of history's most influential figures, he said. The passage describes Jesus walking on the water. Nike say it has nothing to do with the 'Jesus shoes.' MSCHF bought the sneakers at retail prices and added the "godly" frills itself.

Unsurprisingly however, the shoes have stirred up some serious controversy online, with many incorrectly directing abuse over the release at Nike - which did not have any input or involvement in the design of the sneakers.