Georgia's Advice on This Fish: 'Kill It Immediately, Freeze It'

  • Georgia's Advice on This Fish: 'Kill It Immediately, Freeze It'

Georgia's Advice on This Fish: 'Kill It Immediately, Freeze It'

An invasive Chinese fish that can survive for several days on land and is predatory has been found in Georgia - and state wildlife officials are telling people to 'kill it immediately'. The fish can wreak havoc on local ecosystems, and Georgia wildlife officials hope to contain its spread. It can also breathe air, and survive in low oxygenated systems, including on land, officials said.

The northern snakehead, native to the Yangtze River basin located in China, was discovered in a Gwinnett County pond earlier this month, according to the state's Department of Natural Resources (DNR), which noted the creatures have been reported in 14 USA states.

For more information, visit Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division Fisheries Office.

A terrifying species - known as the snakehead fish (yes, it's as scary looking as it sounds) - has Georgia fishermen on high alert, and they've been ordered to KILL ON SIGHT!

He said: 'Our first line of defense in the fight against aquatic invasive species, such as the northern snakehead, are our anglers'.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources have released a "how to" list in case residents stumble upon the invasive fish.

Northern snakehead fish are long, thin and similar in appearance to the native bowfin, the release said.

However, don't go overestimating this air-breathing capability - the northern snakehead didn't crawl all the way from the Yangtze River basin to a pond in Georgia. They have a long dorsal fin that runs along their whole back and a dark brown, blotchy appearance.

"If possible, take pictures of the fish, including close ups of its mouth, fins and tail (and) note where it was caught", state officials said.

Georgia wildlife officials suspect the snakehead found there was likely "introduced through unauthorized release", rather than wiggling to the pond.