Mercedes-Benz's electric car concept has an LED grille and 'fragrance flask'

  • Mercedes-Benz's electric car concept has an LED grille and 'fragrance flask'

Mercedes-Benz's electric car concept has an LED grille and 'fragrance flask'

The showcar will also recharge its battery to 80% in "considerably less than 20 minutes" - assuming you're using a 350 kW charger.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS, a new concept vehicle unveiled on Tuesday at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, is the company's idea of what a luxury electric sedan should look like.

The Vision EQS is also fully electric, featuring a 100 kWh battery and a total output of approximately 350 kW (476 PS / 470 HP).

At the front, you'll find the mask-like graphic that is becoming a signature of the EQ range, with a glassed-in "grille" tapering into the variable Digital Light headlights with twin holographic lenses.

The German automaker has previewed its upcoming EQS luxury sedan with an electric-powered concept that is built on an all-new MEA platform and boasts of 477hp of power.


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Ahead of the driver sits a half rectangular steering wheel, even though Mercedes promises that the auto will feature Level 3 semi-autonomous highway driving functionality. What's notable is that none of these materials are outlandish or impractical: Mercedes could, if it (and its customers) wanted to, start implementing them in production cars fairly quickly. Cloaked in a visually stunning body created from carbon fibre, extreme levels of technology and functional design define the PF0, delivering a staggering performance for a road auto: a stated ambition to accelerate from 0-100 kmph in less than two seconds, break the 400 kmph top speed barrier, and provide a potential zero-emissions range of over 500 km. The EQS sports a grille panel at the front with 940 individual LEDs on 188 circuit boards that offer infinite number illumination options, and in a way replicates the diamond-themed grille that is seen on the automaker's current line-up of models.

The EQS concept's interior was inspired by the world of luxury yachts and for the first time the entire dashboard blends with the body of the front trim section to form an interior sculpture. Since Mercedes-Benz wants to make this vehicle truly sustainable, the plastic in the interior is recycled, and the leather is artificial (the feel is similar to nappa leather, the company says). Vertical air vents, rose gold speaker covers and a jewel-like fragrance flask holder complete the interior.

Not a single knob in sight. In a nutshell, the new model is essentially Mercedes-Benz's all-electric iteration of the S-Class. In addition to looking cool, it has some impressive specs.

It looks like leather, but it's not. Meanwhile, the roof lining is comprised of a high-quality textile created from recycled "ocean waste" plastic. The auto maker launched its first electric crossover, the EQC, in May, and it said it plans to bring 10 all-electric cars to market by 2022.