Queen to be asked to suspend Parliament over Brexit

  • Queen to be asked to suspend Parliament over Brexit

Queen to be asked to suspend Parliament over Brexit

After it was reported that the Government could suspend Parliament from mid-September, Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly tweeted: "Or to put it another way: Government to hold a Queen's Speech, just as all new Governments do".

He said there was more than a 50% chance of an election in the autumn and that if Johnson opted for "a clean break Brexit" then the Brexit Party would work with him so that the Brexit-supporting vote was not split.

The two leaders met in recent days at the Group of Seven summit in France.

First of all, it is a domestic political matter which means it would be a tricky one for them to get involved with anyway.

"How totally underhanded of Boris Johnson to make the Queen sign off on this plot it in a secret ceremony up in Balmoral".

Opposition lawmakers contend that he wants to limit the ability of lawmakers to come up with legislation to block a no-deal Brexit. As head of state, she is politically neutral and acts on the advice of her government in political matters.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday to suspend Parliament, throwing down the gauntlet to his critics and causing outrage among opposition leaders who will have even less time to thwart a no-deal Brexit.

The House of Commons will convene from September 3-10 and then was scheduled to go on a break until October 9 - though lawmakers had suggested they might cancel that break and stay in session because of the national crisis.

Though Johnson previously had refused to rule out such a move, the timing of the decision took lawmakers - many of whom are on vacation - by surprise. A new session would begin in mid-October and Brexit is scheduled to happen on Oct. 31. Labour lawmaker Ben Bradshaw says it would "drag the monarch into an unprecedented constitutional crisis".

Farage, who in 2013 piled so much pressure on then Prime Minister David Cameron that he promised an European Union referendum, said that unless Johnson went for a no-deal Brexit he would face an electoral challenge in every parliamentary seat.

He is due to attend one last European Union summit three days later.

The EU's negotiators believe the scuffles between the government and their opponents could continue until the very last minute, 31 October.

The Islington North MP said: "I am appalled at the recklessness of Johnson's government, which talks about sovereignty and yet is seeking to suspend parliament to avoid scrutiny of its plans for a reckless no-deal Brexit".

"As a fellow parliamentarian, my solidarity with those fighting for their voices to be heard", he tweeted.

"Suppressing debate on profound choices is unlikely to help deliver a stable future EU-UK relationship", he said in a Twitter message.

If the U.K.is to leave with an agreement, the European Parliament needs to approve it.