NASA Investigates Allegations Astronaut Accessed Wife's Bank Account From Space

  • NASA Investigates Allegations Astronaut Accessed Wife's Bank Account From Space

NASA Investigates Allegations Astronaut Accessed Wife's Bank Account From Space

U.S. space agency NASA is investigating what may be the first crime committed in outer space, The New York Times reported Saturday.

He added that McClain was monitoring the account to ensure the well-being of Worden's son, who they had been raising, using the same password to access the account as she had throughout their relationship. Worden is now accusing McClain of stealing her identity and accessing her personal bank account while on her mission to space. After contacting her bank to retrieve the IP addresses of all devices that accessed her account, Worden says she identified an address belonging to NASA, which would have been accessible to McClain during her time aboard the ISS.

McClain was one of the two women selected for the first ever all female spacewalk which was scrapped by NASA in March this year.

She also told the publication the FTC had not yet responded to the identity theft allegation and investigators, including criminal case specialist Michael Mataya, were assessing the complaint. "I knew it was not OK", Worden told the Times.

Writing on Twitter, she said: "There's unequivocally no truth to these claims".

"Lt Col. Anne McClain has an accomplished military career, flew combat missions in Iraq and is one of NASA's top astronauts". The case was later dropped and Ms Worden claims it was part of her partner's attempts to gain custody of her son.

In a statement obtained by CBS News, NASA touted the astronaut's achievements but said it "does not comment on personal or personnel matters". She did a great job on her most recent NASA mission aboard the International Space Station.

The activity in question occurred during the six months McClain spent aboard the space station earlier this year. A few months later, McClain went to space, and Worden then discovered the bank account access, the paper reported.

Worden and McClain married in 2014, but Worden filed for divorce in 2018 after McClain accused her of assault.

McClain did acknowledge that she had accessed the account while in space but only to look over their combined finances, according to her lawyer, stating that she had done nothing wrong.

McClain acknowledged looking up the account information from the internet connection NASA maintains aboard the ISS, though the astronaut is said to be contending that she did not know she was not supposed to look at the account and was merely checking on the balance to make sure the family had enough money for day-to-day expenses.