Macron slams Brazil's Bolsonaro for 'extremely disrespectful comments' about his wife

  • Macron slams Brazil's Bolsonaro for 'extremely disrespectful comments' about his wife

Macron slams Brazil's Bolsonaro for 'extremely disrespectful comments' about his wife

Pinera was a visitor to the summit.

The highest possible estimate for how much of the planet's oxygen comes from the Amazon rainforest.

"It's sad, it's sad first of all for him and for Brazilians", Macron said.

The presidents of France and Chile announced the pledge at the G7 summit in the French town of Biarritz on Monday, with France's Emmanuel Macron saying: "We must respond to the call of the forest which is burning today in the Amazon". Picture taken August 20, 2019.

NASA further observes that a pollutant like carbon monoxide, which contributes to climate change and air pollution, can travel large distances and remain in the atmosphere for about a month.

A Bolsonaro supporter shared a meme mocking the appearance of Mrs Macron and compared her unfavourably with Brazil's 37-year-old first lady Michelle Bolsonaro.

Batista said plant and animal species are under threat, people living in the Amazon region are suffering respiratory problems and "the rise in deforestation can completely alter the rain patterns by region and devastate agriculture, even in South America". The G7 club also agreed to support a medium-term reforestation plan which will be unveiled at the United Nations in September, Macron and Chile's President Sebastian Pinera said. Some observers have accused farmers of setting the fires to clear lands for farming.

Mr Macon has described the wildfires as an "international crisis", which critics have blamed on Mr Bolsonaro's anti-environmental rhetoric and lack of action on deforestation.

Thousands of people have demonstrated in cities across Brazil and outside Brazilian embassies around the world. The hashtag #PrayforAmazonia has become a trending topic on social media.

Macron slams Brazil's Bolsonaro for 'extremely disrespectful comments' about his wife

The comment quickly went viral in both the French and Brazilian press, with widespread criticism of Bolsonaro's remarks.

A fire burns along a road in the Amazon on Monday.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her country and others will talk with Brazil about reforestation in the Amazon once the fires have been extinguished. He is an global relations professor at Rio de Janeiro State University.

"Brazil has been discredited...and unable to exercise any...leadership on the global stage", he added.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Defense said in a briefing that 44,000 troops were available in the northern Amazon region but did not provide further operational details as to where they would be deployed and what they would do.

About 60% of the Amazon lies in Brazil.

On Sunday, many Brazilians protested in Rio de Janeiro and other cities to demand the government do more. Some held banners that read: "Bol$onaro is burning our future". Some 1,113 new fires were ignited across Saturday and Sunday, according to Brazil's National Institute for Space Research. About half of the fires have been in the Amazon.

Bolsonaro said the idea of G7 discussing the issue was "reminiscent of [a] colonial mindset [that was] inappropriate in the 21st century".

Justice Minister Sergio Moro, who oversees the police, said on Twitter that Bolsonaro "asked for a rigorous investigation" and said "the criminal fires will be severely punished".