Pokemon GO event brings back Ash hat Pikachu

  • Pokemon GO event brings back Ash hat Pikachu

Pokemon GO event brings back Ash hat Pikachu

This is the latest activity from Niantic for the upcoming Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama event, which already includes the special Poliwag event and various research quests during the festivities. While the event will take place from August 6 to August 12 players can only attend the festival on a single day, a restriction which seeks to limit potential issues like overcrowding and unwanted conflicts. The news made fans even more eager for the game. Those who are lucky will have the chance to encounter a shiny and normal version of Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, and Politoed. In addition to the gift boost, players can take advantage of a temporary reintroduction of special event Pikachu types, including Ash hat Pikachu!

Pikachu will be wearing a different hat each day, so if you missed the first appearance of any rare hats, this would be your second chance to add them to your collection. Some Pichu have also sported the same hats.

Here, we have enlisted the parks' names where the Yokohama event will take place.

The rewards from Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama go from August 13 until August 20. Players can spend up to 30 gifts in a day which means a player can offer 30 gifts to his friends in a single day.

Whenever you collect an egg during the event period, it will be considered as 2KM egg and not 7KM egg. Right now, players around the globe will have a chance of encountering Shiny Poliwag in the wild for a limited time.

Probably the most notable scene in the movie "Paper Towns" saw the characters played Justice Smith, Nat Wolff and Austin Abrams sing the "Pokemon" theme song when they get scared, and it's a moment that Smith claims credit for having in the movie. The Poliwags will have increased spawn rates.

Santa Pikachu, or Festive Pikachu - this Pokemon was introduced during the first winter holiday season in Go and has been featured every year since.

This is not the only thing happening during this event.