Video reveals last moments of Himalayan climbers

  • Video reveals last moments of Himalayan climbers

Video reveals last moments of Himalayan climbers

The Indo-Tibetan Border Police released the footage they recovered after finding the climbers.

The GoPro footage of the final moments of a climbing party killed by an avalanche in the Himalayas has been released by police in India. Since so few have managed to climb it, the mountain has remained pristine, unlike the littered and congested Everest.

According to ITBP Deputy Inspector General A P S Nimbadia, the 1.55-minutevideowas sourced from a memory card retrieved from near the bodies. A recently recovered GoPro footage shows what could have been their last minutes before the tragic event.

The clip is now being outmoded to abet "analyse what went ugly with their mission".

"Suddenly we notice a loud noise. The snow cornice must have given away due to their weight, triggering an avalanche".

He said that a large number of jawans and officers are well-trained in trekking and remain in the high altitudes and 90 per cent of jawans are on duty above 9,000 feet braving extreme cold, strong winds and lack of oxygen.

At the start of the climb, the group was 12 strong, but four of the members (all British) split off.

The missing climbers last communicated on May 26, a day before heavy snow fell in the region.

The group were reported missing by colleagues on 28 May after they failed to return to their base camp near Nanda Devi. The Indo Tibetan Border Police and Indian Air Force (IAF) were involved.

The leader of the operations team Ratan Singh Sonal said: "The terrain was very hard and there was soft snow and a wrong step would have meant danger to life".

"At night we would bury the bodies under snow outside our tents to slow down the decomposition process", Sonal told AFP. We felt we are all a part of humanity'. Jogdande said at that time that the "chances of survival are nearly zero now".

The climbers can be seen standing in a queue on a slippery snow-clad track that would have taken them to the peak The video ends with a minor thud, a sound that the ITBP officials said could be of an avalanche or snow storm that claimed their lives.

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The group, which is led by experienced UK-based climber Martin Moran, last shared updates to social media on May 22.