Man, 22, arrested after climbing Buckingham Palace fence at 2am

  • Man, 22, arrested after climbing Buckingham Palace fence at 2am

Man, 22, arrested after climbing Buckingham Palace fence at 2am

The man was able to gain access to the grounds of Buckingham Palace where he allegedly tried to "bang down the doors".

Sources told British tabloids it took police nearly five minutes to apprehend the man, as it remained unclear whether or not he was armed. Luckily, police who are part of the monarch's main security detail were able to apprehend him before he got any further, and none of the royal family is believed to have been in any danger.

The Queen had spent the day carrying out engagements in Cambridge before returning to the palace.

A statement from the Metropolitan Police confirmed the incident, saying that a 22-year old man had been apprehended by officers from the Met's Royalty and Specialist Protection Command.

The man remains in custody at a nearby police station in central London.

Exactly 37 years ago, intruder Michael Fagan famously managed to break into the Queen's bedroom at Buckingham Palace.

The Duke of Edinburgh, who has been based on the Queen's Sandringham Estate in Norfolk since his retirement in 2017, was not at Buckingham Palace. Fortunately, the intruder never made it inside the palace, but the source notes that he was "banging" on the doors to be let in. "The Queen's safety should be paramount". "It's very unusual given the infamous Fagan business almost 37 years ago", the source says.

A royal insider told The Sun the man was "on the loose for a good few minutes" as chaos ensued for palace security and the Queen lay sleeping.

Another source added: "Everyone knows the Queen was there because the Royal Standard was flying".

"He was determined to get inside the palace and was banging down the doors but, thank goodness, this time everything was locked up", they said.

The freaky conversation saw the 31-year-old schizophrenic tell the Queen about his family problems.

The most famous was at 7.15am on the morning of July 9, 1982, when unemployed labourer Fagan scaled the walls and entered the Queen's bedroom.

She then telephoned the switchboard but the operator thought it was another member of staff playing a joke and replied: "Yes, dear, you're the Queen, we'll send someone up!"

During the incident Fagan smashed a large glass ashtray and threatened to slash his wrists.

During the chat the Queen pushed the panic button by her bed but got no response, and it wasn't until her aide Paul Whybrew retruend with her corgis that he saw Fagan. He was able to get Fagan out of the room before police arrived.