Couple suing California fertility clinic after their embryo implanted in wrong woman

  • Couple suing California fertility clinic after their embryo implanted in wrong woman

Couple suing California fertility clinic after their embryo implanted in wrong woman

The Asian couple, identified in the lawsuit as A.P and Y.Z., say that they first consulted CHA Fertility Center in January 2018, and that a first attempt at in vitro fertilization in July failed. It follows one filed by the NY couple involved in the mix-up, who said they first raised the alarm after an ultrasound tech told the couple they were expecting twin boys, despite them choosing to unfreeze two female embryos. The couple claims they were assured that they were expecting twin girls throughout the pregnancy.

On Wednesday, the Manukyans came forward with Wolf as the parents of one of the boys born to Y.Z. and NY.

"CHA [Fertility Clinic] put three families through a living hell, and our lives will never be the same".

"CHA robbed me of my ability to carry my own child, my baby boy, and be with him in the first moments of his life", she said.

"We live with the uncertainty that another embryo of ours may be born to someone else", Anni Manukyan said.

Their lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, accuses CHA Fertility of medical malpractice, negligence and a bevy of other charges. "It is clearly one of the worst fertility-center tragedies in USA history".

"Due to the extreme misconduct of CHA Fertility Center, the number of things that went wrong here is just plain staggering", Wolf said on Wednesday announcing the lawsuit.

The couple said they spent more than $100,000 on treatment and other expenses at CHA Fertility Center, according to a lawsuit.

The horrendous mix-up was revealed in a lawsuit filed last week by a Queens couple who tried for years to become pregnant before giving birth to two babies belonging to two other families.

CHA officials did not respond to emails seeking comment.

The Manukyans, who were married in 2007, said that in March 2011, an embryo transfer had resulted in the birth of their daughter.

They further claimed that the clinic brought them back in for a cheek swab which they had said was a routine check, but was a veiled attempt at obtaining DNA information in order to establish whether the boy in NY was indeed their son.

According to the couple, in the spring of 2019, CHA reached out to them for a "supposedly routine cheek swab test".

The couple said they hired lawyers and flew to NY, where they say they learned that Y.Z. and A.P. wanted to keep both babies. "I didn't get to feel him kick", Anni said. They had to sue in family court to obtain custody, and the boy was six weeks old by the time they got to see him, they said.

"Who wants to meet their child in the lobby of a hotel?" "It was heartbreaking. It was bad".

Two months later, the baby is doing great, Anni Manukyan said.

"He's had no issues bonding with us. We just love him to pieces", she said.

Despite the custody battle, she praised the Queens woman who gave birth to the twins and wished her the best. "She's a wonderful woman and I pray for her every day", she said.

Instead, they directed their ire at CHA Fertility, both for misusing their embryos and for implanting her with another embryo.

A second lawsuit involving one of the three couples whose in vitro fertilization process resulted in embryos implanted in the wrong woman is suing the California fertility clinic after they discovered their biological son was born to another set of parents who live in NY.