Google Announces More Ads for Your Favorite Mobile Services

  • Google Announces More Ads for Your Favorite Mobile Services

Google Announces More Ads for Your Favorite Mobile Services

Google has just shared their plans to push more ads onto its mobile platforms.

Those new products could make it harder for marketers to suck up the reams of data they need to personalize ads. The ad format will feature more luxurious lifestyle sort of ads.

Google's moves to bolster its position in travel is created to drive further searches and potential "higher-qualified leads" for its partner companies, such as airlines and hotels - "so people will recognize Google as a place where I do travel research", Holden said. Later this year, it will also come to Google Images and YouTube. User privacy was barely referenced in a press briefing Monday.

Brad Bender, an advertising product manager, said Google for its part can "anticipate the customer's wants and needs" and has advanced software that can predict when consumers are most likely to open their wallets. "When they're ready to buy, they can choose to purchase online, in a nearby store and now directly on Google". Amazon now dominates online shopping and is, by some estimates, responsible for one third and one half of all e-commerce. For example, searching for pictures of a certain piece of furniture on Google Images may return Shopping results.

Google, which gets about 85% of its revenue from ads, said recently that ad sales growth actually slowed down in the first quarter, which hurt its stock price in the short term.

The ads would be displayed on the "Discover" section of the homepage in a news feed layout and would be algorithmically personalised.

According to Google, consumers expect useful, swipeable, and visual experiences from their ads. In this Shopping tab, they can filter products based on features, brands, read reviews and even watch videos about the products.

Shoppable ads on Google Images allows advertisers to highlight multiple products within their sponsored ad. Google is planning to expand this Shoppable ads to the feed on Discover, YouTube and more. "There's this presumption that if you can produce more supply there will be more demand; that's just not true".