Dauntless PS4, Xbox One Release Date Announced

  • Dauntless PS4, Xbox One Release Date Announced

Dauntless PS4, Xbox One Release Date Announced

Phoenix Labs' free to play online co-op monster hunting game Dauntless has been in development for quite a while, having been announced well before Monster Hunter: World proved the wider mainstream appeal of the previously niche action RPG series and its imitators. The studio, comprised of former BioWare, Blizzard Entertainment, and Capcom members, released their open beta to the public just about a year ago.

Among these additions and enhancements will be a Mastery system that enables Slayers to earn experience, hone their monster-hunting skills, and acquire an array of new rewards. This includes the new Mastery System that which provides a mastery card for each unique weapon and behemoth.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Dauntless when it goes live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Epic Game Store on May 21, grab some friends (or make new ones along the way), dive into the hunt, and see for yourself.

About Battle for survival at the edge of the world. Similar to Fortnite, Dauntless' first (technically, fifth) Hunt Pass is dubbed Hidden Blades.

Coinciding with its 1.0 release, Phoenix Labs will kick off Hunt Pass Season 5, which will transform the world of Dauntless into a Moon Blossom Festival. Players assume the role of a Slayer, an individual who hunts Behemoths and uses their parts to fuel powerful armaments. Slayers will have 50 new levels of content to work through with a variety of rewards along the way.

The free to play Monster Hunter game Dauntless will soon be available for all. As a reminder Dauntless is free-to-play and will support itself on a microtransaction system that leans toward cosmetics (fine for a F2P joint) and boosts (which I'm not so insane about if this system is expanded). Everything from questing and crafting to meeting other Slayers and pursuing Behemoths has received massive updates.

Being free-to-play, you can expect regularl seasonal updates that launch alongside a new season pass.