Google is getting rid of its Allo messaging app for good

But so far it seems the company hasn't figured out what exactly it wants to do with its messaging app strategy. the replacement for the GTalk was Hangouts, which it seems is also going away now by the end of 2019.

Allo, which launched back in 2016, will soon be no longer. As the original article notes, there has been no activity from Google to update the platform or address a myriad of user problems, and the developer lead has left Google and moved on to Facebook.

Google is trying to push RCS (Rich Communication Services) globally and make the messaging solution available to all Android users. Despite its promise, the app never gained traction and seeing it shuttered would be unsurprising.

Google made a decision to refocus its efforts into investing in RCS - a carrier supported messaging system that can be used on every device which supports SMS.

As Google has done with previous platforms and services, it starts them up to learn the ins and outs until eventually Google applies what it learned from the failed product into a new one. "Allo will continue to work through March 2019". Google states that many of Allo's best features have made their way to Messages, and that they've chose to "stop supporting Allo to focus on Messages".

Google didn't dispute this in any of their clarifications, only acknowledging that they'll soon offer Hangouts users the chance to use Hangouts Chat, which is now only available to G Suite customers as more of a collaboration tool. We don't know how these enterprise apps will change to accommodate regular users, but we'll know more when the time comes for Google to kill off Hangouts Classic.

More than 175 million Android users use Messages already according to Google. The Google-owned IM app delivered features like Whisper/Shout functionality (increasing or decreasing the size of the text you're sending), Google Assistant integration, and Incognito chats. Indeed, Google vice president Anil Sabharwal acknowledged as much about eight months ago in an interview, saying that the company would be putting a pause on additional investment into Allo.