In Russia the second time launched a rocket Soyuz TEKHNO 24

  • In Russia the second time launched a rocket Soyuz TEKHNO 24

In Russia the second time launched a rocket Soyuz TEKHNO 24

Three astronauts ― one German, one Russian and one American ― are now living at the space station, which has been continually inhabited since 2000.

On October 11, the last manned mission to the ISS was abruptly cut short two minutes after liftoff when the Soyuz-FG rocket failed, forcing a Russian cosmonaut and U.S. astronaut to perform an emergency landing.

This cargo ship was to be launched to the ISS on October 30, however because of the accident rocket "Soyuz-FG" start "Progress" has been rescheduled for November 16. A Russian investigation attributed the failure to a sensor that was damaged during the rocket's final assembly.

Since that event, two Soyuz rockets were launched successfully from Plesetsk in northwestern Russian Federation, while another lifted off from French Guiana.

During the aborted launch, Russian cosmonaut Aleksey Ovchinin and USA astronaut Nick Hague made an emergency landing and escaped unharmed. This launch was the first rocket of this type after the accident on October 11. American astronaut Anne McClain, Canadian David Saint-Jacques and Russian Oleg Kononenko are set to go up on December 3.

The Progress ship is set to dock at the space station Sunday, delivering nearly three tons of food, fuel, water and other supplies to the crew - NASA's Serena Aunon-Chancellor, Russian Sergei Prokopyev and German Alexander Gerst. Northrop Grumman will launch another cargo shipment in a Cygnus capsule, powered by an Antares rocket, early Saturday morning (Nov. 17).

Speaking at a news conference in Star City near Moscow, McClain said that occasional failures were inevitable, but that the mishap with the Soyuz-FG in October had demonstrated the reliability of its emergency safety mechanisms. "But for us it's exactly the opposite because our friends came home, the systems worked and they worked exactly as they were designed".