After fake moon, China trying to create an artificial sun

  • After fake moon, China trying to create an artificial sun

After fake moon, China trying to create an artificial sun

Almost a month after revealing plans to launch an "artificial moon" just above Chengdu, China, a university just announced that they have created an "artificial sun" that is believed to be six times as powerful as Earth's own sun.

EAST is a large, donut-shaped machine set inside a round box.

Fusion is seen as a solution for energy issues as it is clean, sustainable and powerful. The program-Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST)-is known as the "artificial sun" because of the nature of what the scientists are trying to achieve. Nuclear fusion occurs when nuclei are joined together to release energy. Numerous world's other energy sources, such as coal, produce carbon when processed, which contributes to climate change. The EAST device has been conducting a four-month-long experiment with the goal of seeing how hot the electron temperature inside the fusion device could be. Nuclear fusion is a staggering technical innovation in which hydrogen from sea water and readily available lithium is heated to more than 150 million°C. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project - a global collaboration of 35 countries, including China, initiated in 1985 - is now developing the world's largest tokamak in France.

The artificial sun was designed and constructed by China back in 2006.

According to the Institute of Plasma Physics, the results of EAST's experiments this year will aid in the construction of ITER's tokamak.

China has taken a big step forward in the quest for nuclear fusion-an nearly unlimited source of clean, cheap energy that would harness power in the same way the Sun does.

Though development of fusion technology began roughly 60 years ago, it has yet to create a viable energy source. It is this plasma that led EAST to heat to such a high temperature.

The downside is that they could only maintain the state for about 10 seconds which means we are a way away from fusion power yet but the Chinese do have experimental evidence that reaching the 100 million degrees Celsius mark is possible.