Cloud State Women's Volleyball Team Among Those Facing Hawaii Hurricane

  • Cloud State Women's Volleyball Team Among Those Facing Hawaii Hurricane

Cloud State Women's Volleyball Team Among Those Facing Hawaii Hurricane

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) urged the Filipino community in Hawaii to make necessary preparations in anticipation of a powerful hurricane that is expected to hit the islands starting Thursday evening.

On Wednesday, US Astronaut Richard Arnold shared two images on Twitter of Hurricane Lane as it swirled and spiraled toward the Hawaiian Islands.

In a statement, the DFA said it is already monitoring the development of "Hurricane Lane", a Category 4 storm packing sustained winds of between 74 to 100 miles per hour (mph).

Public schools were closed for the rest of the week and local government workers were told to stay home unless they're essential employees.

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Administrator Tom Travis said there's not enough shelter space statewide.

Instead, they must stay put and make sure they have enough supplies to outlast prolonged power outages and other potential emergencies.

Over 8 inches of rain were reported Wednesday on the Big Island, the National Weather Service office in Honolulu said.

Tropical storm and hurricane conditions will occur over the course of the day Thursday on the Big Island and in Maui County, while Oahu will see those conditions Thursday night into Friday.

A direct hit could bring the U.S. Pacific island state's worst storm in a quarter century, forecasters said. Hawaii gets a named storm within 60 miles of its coastline about once every four years on average, forecasters say.

Melanie Davis, who lives in a suburb outside Honolulu, said she was gathering canned food and baby formula.

"We're planning on boarding up all our windows and sliding doors", Napua Puaoi of Wailuku, Maui, said after buying 16 pieces of plywood from Home Depot.

"We expect it to gradually weaken as it gets closer to the islands", Chevalier said.

"Some people might say, 'Another hurricane, it didn't hit us last time, we don't need to worry, '" he continued.

"We have boats both originals, inflatables, flat bottom, more slow water flood type boats that we can use if in fact that becomes a problem", said Harold Schapelhouman, fire chief of the Menlo Park Fire District. U.S. Navy ships and submarines based in Hawaii were instructed to leave port, a common practice when a hurricane approaches to avoid damage.

There are only a few storms in the Central Pacific.

Hurricanes rarely make landfall in Hawaii and the last major storm to strike the state was almost three decades ago, when Hurricane Iniki barrelled into the island of Kauai, leaving six people dead and causing billions of dollars in damage. Others have come close in recent years. All vessels not now undergoing maintenance were being positioned to help respond after the storm, if needed.