Hearthstone Marks 2018 as the 'Year of the Raven'

  • Hearthstone Marks 2018 as the 'Year of the Raven'

Hearthstone Marks 2018 as the 'Year of the Raven'

Another new year, another substantial change in Hearthstone - Blizzard's (still) wildly successful World of Warcraft-themed digital collectible card game.

This year's set rotation will see us say goodbye to the Year of the Mammoth (and with it the cards from Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night in Karazhan and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan) and say hello to the Year of the Raven. While last year saw six cards from the Classic set get shifted into Wild, this year it's only three cards: Ice Block, Coldlight Oracle, and Molten Giant.

Players will be able to create a custom tournament and invite friends-all from within the Hearthstone game client.

Oh and best of all, in-game tournaments!

Molten Giant - Moving Molten Giant to the Hall of Fame allows us to revert it to its original mana cost, giving players a chance to experiment with decks featuring Molten Giants in the Wild format. Right now, there are a lot of cards where you really feel like you want Spellbreaker to deal with those cards and if you don't have that in the Classic format, that's okay, but then we need to make sure we have answers to those things in all of our rotating sets. Players will earn Lunara, the gleeful dryad that Heroes of the Storm fans will recognize, after winning 10 games in the Standard format.

And with a new year, changes come. You'll no longer be able to use cards from those expansions in Standard. We were told to expect an event celebrating the start of the Year of the Raven. The Molten Giant switch is more likely to be well received.

OLD: Play 50 Class cards.

This is much more conservative effort than previous year, when Blizzard moved six cards to the Hall of the Fame. Hearthstone is bidding farewell to the Year of the Mammoth and ushering in the new year.

We're planning to launch in-game tournaments as a beta around the middle of this year, but that will just be the beginning as we expand on this early version of the feature. Its "downside" can destroy opponent's cards and prevent opponents from playing the deck they built-which in turn limits some designs related to Battlecry and effects that return a minion to hand. If you own any of these cards, you'll get a full dust reward as if you'd disenchanted them - which can result in some free dust if you manage to craft them beforehand and dismantle them after, as this guide explains. She's the first daughter of Cenarius, and "has protected the forests of Azeroth for millennia". Examples of them getting easier include changing the three wins with a particular class requirement to two, and playing 50 cards of a certain class becoming 30. It will allow players to manage their own tournament brackets and manage things like who will play who as well as review decklists to ensure they comply with any requests.

While it's interesting to see which cards have made it into the Hall of Fame, it's more intriguing to see which ones didn't. Just set up the rules and hit "launch" - Hearthstone will matchmake and check decks to make sure they fit your bonkers theme (Lorewalker Cho + Faceless Manipulator + Mirage Caller, let's go).

It's also been announced that game director Ben Brode and lead producer Yong Woo will be taking part in a Q&A on March 2, at 11:00 PST (14:00 ET, 19:00 GMT, 20:00 CET, and 06:00 on March 3 AET).