Up for Grabs: Steve Jobs' Typo-Filled Job Application

  • Up for Grabs: Steve Jobs' Typo-Filled Job Application

Up for Grabs: Steve Jobs' Typo-Filled Job Application

Jobs also wrote that he had a driver's license, but he did not own a auto at the time.

It's unknown who the document was for, but thank goodness he didn't get the position.

Only 18 at the time, Jobs filled out the form seeking employment as an "electronics tech or design engineer" three years before co-founding Apple and ultimately going on to launch products including the iPod and iPhone.

The budding technology pioneer wrote his name as "Steven jobs" and listed his address as "reed college".

But that's exactly what a teenage Steve Jobs wrote in an application for "electronics tech or design engineer" in 1973.

It remains unclear what company Jobs was applying to.

Jobs enrolled at Reed College for the fall semester in 1972, but dropped out in just six months to preserve his parents' meager funds.

Jobs left Apple in the 1980s, but he returned the following decade and served as CEO from 1997 until handing the reins in 2011 to Tim Cook. There he met Steve Wozniak and together they founded Apple in 1976. Following the launch of the iPhone X past year, Apple briefly crossed the $900 billion mark for the first time.

The sale is being held by Boston-based auction house RR Auction, and takes place between 8 and 15 March, says Alphr. Alongside the application will be two other items from Jobs: a Mac OS X technical manual he signed 2001, which is valued at $25,000; and a signed 2008 newspaper clipping about the iPhone that is valued at $15,000.

"Steve Jobs was a notoriously hard signer...and his autograph is incredibly scarce among contemporary figures", RR Auction noted.

The CV was crafted a few years before Jobs and friend Steve Wozniak made a decision to found Apple Inc.

The full collection will also include documents signed by pop culture icons including Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, J.K Rowling, Matt Groening, Allen Ginsberg and Bob Marley.